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London, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Catherine Beverly  Abt 1335London, Middlesex, England I128865
2 Adams, Elizabeth  1482London, Middlesex, England I108543
3 Austin, Francis  1611London, Middlesex, England I97394
4 Baldry, Lady Elizabeth Baroness of Leighs  25 Nov 1537London, Middlesex, England I108976
5 Barber, Thomas  Abt 1552London, Middlesex, England I46243
6 Barrett, Beatrice  1367London, Middlesex, England I123233
7 Barrett, Beatrice  1367London, Middlesex, England I138377
8 Bayning, Paul  1588London, Middlesex, England I138609
9 Beauclerc, Empress Matilda  7 Feb 1102London, Middlesex, England I124796
10 Beaufort, Eleanor  Abt 1438London, Middlesex, England I28266
11 Bedell, Elizabeth  Abt 1525London, Middlesex, England I42832
12 Bird, Thomas  12 Jun 1603London, Middlesex, England I131605
13 Blount, N  1384London, Middlesex, England I138970
14 Brooke, Joane  Abt 1555London, Middlesex, England I4337
15 Brooke, John  Est 1530London, Middlesex, England I4411
16 Browne, Sir William  1474London, Middlesex, England I133979
17 Burleigh, Katherine  1425London, Middlesex, England I124315
18 Cardoza, Sam  1797London, Middlesex, England I1551
19 Cavendish, Henry  16 Jan 1551London, Middlesex, England I72318
20 Champneys, Alice Agnes  11 Mar 1330London, Middlesex, England I145067
21 Chappell, William  Abt 1520London, Middlesex, England I42831
22 Chastelyn, Margeria  Abt 1304London, Middlesex, England I121631
23 Collier, Mary  1604London, Middlesex, England I7470
24 Collins, John  Abt 1500London, Middlesex, England I123290
25 Conyers, Elizabeth  1620London, Middlesex, England I126094
26 Cotton, Clement  1474London, Middlesex, England I107573
27 Crouchman, Mariota  Abt 1325London, Middlesex, England I121646
28 Cutherey, Lady Catherine  Abt 1407London, Middlesex, England I8202
29 De Courtenay, Thomas  Abt 1278London, Middlesex, England I144535
30 de Moleyns, Lord William  7 Jan 1378London, Middlesex, England I148621
31 De Skelton, Lady Joan  Abt 1410London, Middlesex, England I117453
32 DeFrancis, A.C.Champnis  11 Mar 1330London, Middlesex, England I139668
33 Denny, Sir Edmund  1461London, Middlesex, ENGLAND I127465
34 Denny, William  Abt 1430London, Middlesex, England I127484
35 Dudley, Constance  1 Jan 1580London, Middlesex, England I41470
36 Dungan, Frances  12 Nov 1632London, Middlesex, England I2085
37 Everee, Infant Spalding s o Mary  6 Sep 1603London, Middlesex, England I147166
38 Fox, Henry ,Sr.  1650London, Middlesex, England I123445
39 Fox, Jane  1654London, Middlesex, England I126095
40 Fox, John  1654London, Middlesex, England I126096
41 Francis, Sir Adam Lord Mayor London  1326London, Middlesex, England I145066
42 Francis, Maud  1360London, Middlesex, England I139663
43 Francis, Sir Adam  1326London, Middlesex, England I139677
44 Fraunceys,, Lady Maude Countess of Salisbury  1360London, Middlesex, England I139664
45 Frowick, Elizabeth  Abt 1462London, Middlesex, England I132406
46 Giffard, Eleanor  Abt 1573London, Middlesex, England I121502
47 Goodwin, Alice  1567London, Middlesex, England I146599
48 Graunger, Agnes  Abt 1455London, Middlesex, England I145709
49 Graves, Mathias  1608London, Middlesex, England I106437
50 Harper, Ann Ada  23 Oct 1826London, Middlesex, England I124641

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bayning, Paul  28 Apr 1588London, Middlesex, England I138609
2 De Courtenay, Thomas  London, Middlesex, England I144535
3 Pennington, William  Abt 1594London, Middlesex, England I104481
4 Rolle, Henry  11 Apr 1591London, Middlesex, England I144016
5 Tilghman, Oswald  10 Nov 1579London, Middlesex, England I99950
6 Whalesborough, Margery Anne  1381London, Middlesex, England I148583


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Juliana  6 Jul 1493London, Middlesex, England I133984
2 Katherine  18 Jul 1558London, Middlesex, England I152427
3 Margaret de Vere  15 Jun 1398London, Middlesex, England I128453
4 Adams, Elizabeth  16 Dec 1558London, Middlesex, England I108543
5 Ayloffe, Agness  1530London, Middlesex, England I115966
6 Bayning, Paul  29 Jul 1629London, Middlesex, England I138609
7 Bedell, Elizabeth  London, Middlesex, England I42832
8 Bennett, Sir Thomas  1514London, Middlesex, England I106410
9 Bigod, Mary  7 Dec 1252London, Middlesex, England I9422
10 Bigod, Mary  7 Dec 1252London, Middlesex, England I132505
11 Bird, William  London, Middlesex, England I130659
12 Blount, Edward ( Edmund)  1 Dec 1475London, Middlesex, England I138952
13 Bodley, Thomas  London, Middlesex, England I152366
14 Boleyn, Sir Geoffrey 2 'Lord Ld Mayor  1462London, Middlesex, England I28408
15 Boleyn, Sir Geoffrey  1463London, Middlesex, England I120793
16 Brereton, William De  1342London, Middlesex, England I128499
17 Browne, Sir William  3 Jun 1514London, Middlesex, England I133979
18 Brugge, Sir John, Lord Mayor of London  Aft 14 Apr 1530London, Middlesex, England I115965
19 Burwell, Thomas  1551London, Middlesex, England I91978
20 Cary, Lady Catherine Countess of Nottingham  25 Feb 1602London, Middlesex, England I27002
21 Champneys, Alice Agnes  5 Aug 1424London, Middlesex, England I145067
22 Chappell, William  London, Middlesex, England I42831
23 Chedworth, Johanna  London, Middlesex, England I95841
24 Chicheley, Robert  1440London, Middlesex, England I138400
25 Clarke, Anne  15 Jan 1653London, Middlesex, England I119931
26 Cooper, William  1588London, Middlesex, England I122135
27 Cox, John Richmond  1630London, Middlesex, England I119982
28 Darcy, Sir Thomas  6 Nov 1605London, Middlesex, England I118992
29 Daubeny, Sir Giles  21 May 1507London, Middlesex, England I118853
30 Dayrell, Sir Richard of Littlecote  15 Aug 1489London, Middlesex, England I111798
31 de Bosley, Margery  1342London, Middlesex, England I128500
32 De Hastings, Ida  2 Mar 1288London, Middlesex, England I132476
33 de Vere, Alberic or Aubrey Ii  11 May 1141London, Middlesex, England I144906
34 de Vere, John 12th Earl of Oxford  26 Feb 1462London, Middlesex, England I147780
35 de Vere, Margaret  15 Jun 1398London, Middlesex, England I145262
36 de Windsor, Richard  16 Apr 1428London, Middlesex, England I131360
37 DeFrancis, A.C.Champnis  5 Aug 1424London, Middlesex, England I139668
38 Denny, Sir Edmund  22 Dec 1520London, Middlesex, ENGLAND I127465
39 Denny, Joyce  6 Apr 1560London, Middlesex, England I127468
40 Dudley, Constance  9 May 1613London, Middlesex, England I41470
41 Dunkeld, Princess of Scotland Marjorie  17 Nov 1244London, Middlesex, England I153021
42 Edmont, Sarah  1577London, Middlesex, England I136677
43 England, Henry 6 of King  1461London, Middlesex, England I37728
44 Everee, Infant Spalding s o Mary  6 Sep 1603London, Middlesex, England I147166
45 FitzAlan, Richard Iv  21 Sep 1397London, Middlesex, England I11349
46 Frowyk, Sir Thomas  17 Oct 1505London, Middlesex, England I132405
47 Graunger, Agnes  1499London, Middlesex, England I145709
48 Gresham, Elizabeth  6 Nov 1573London, Middlesex, England I93862
49 Guiciardini, * Vincenzo Vincent  1567London, Middlesex, England I114426
50 Guiciardini, * Vincenzo Vincent  1567London, Middlesex, England I134080

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Allyn, Sir Edward  26 Oct 1638London, Middlesex, England I102684
2 Bayning, Paul  1 Oct 1629London, Middlesex, England I138609
3 Bromflete, Henry  30 Jan 1468London, Middlesex, England I19527
4 Brooke, Margaret  10 Oct 1634London, Middlesex, England I4398
5 Brydges, Bridget  London, Middlesex, England I115971
6 Brydges, George Sir Knight  London, Middlesex, England I115970
7 Chichele, Henry  1443London, Middlesex, England I138399
8 Clare Baroness Lucy, Lady Rohese De Boulogne Fitzrichard De  London, Middlesex, England I137176
9 Hill, Joane  13 Sep 1547London, Middlesex, England I140409
10 Howse, Hannah  Feb 1633London, Middlesex, England I42692
11 Jenks,, William Tax Collector  1569London, Middlesex, England I119002
12 Jocelyn, Mayor Radulfus  25 Oct 1478London, Middlesex, England I141500
13 Markham, Isabella  26 May 1579London, Middlesex, England I114523
14 Marshall, William 1st Earl of Pembroke  May 1219London, Middlesex, England I132790
15 Mead, Isabel  29 May 1514London, Middlesex, England I50609
16 Robinson, William  14 Oct 1578London, Middlesex, England I134570
17 Strathbogie, Sir John de 9th Earl of Atholl  7 Nov 1306London, Middlesex, England I107726
18 Sutton, Margaret Dudley  London, Middlesex, England I120812
19 Thompson, John  1627London, Middlesex, England I78602
20 Weld, Humphrey  1540London, Middlesex, England I4988
21 Woodcock, Alice  9 Oct 1607London, Middlesex, England I126648


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Favell  1585London, Middlesex, England F56299
2 Bayning / Glenham  1612London, Middlesex, England F57536
3 Budd / Wyght or Wright  6 Jun 1526London, Middlesex, England F50255
4 Bydes / Kirby  17 Oct 1633London, Middlesex, England F26745
5 Cotton / Marshall  1552London, Middlesex, England F56073
6 Crouchman / Greig  Abt 1323London, Middlesex, England F43078
7 Denny / Troutbeck  1459London, Middlesex, England F60361
8 Gardner / Slaughter  29 Mar 1630London, Middlesex, England F2050
9 Grey / De Cauz  Abt 1219London, Middlesex, England F20071
10 Hopkins / Poole  Abt 1575London, Middlesex, England F26194
11 Jenkes / Adams  Abt 1508London, Middlesex, England F56304
12 Lambert I / Lambert  Abt 1270London, Middlesex, England F62033
13 Lambert II / Lambert  Abt 1298London, Middlesex, England F62032
14 Machell / Lewkenor  1 Jul 1568London, Middlesex, England F58492
15 Malter / Bird  Abt 1551London, Middlesex, England F57109
16 Marrow / Rich  1445London, Middlesex, England F6041
17 Marshall / de Clare  Jul 1189London, Middlesex, England F57101
18 Marshall / de Clare  Aug 1189London, Middlesex, England F1852
19 Marshall / de Clare  Aug 1189London, Middlesex, England F61347
20 May / Hillersden  Abt 1561London, Middlesex, England F55454
21 Pennington / Proude  13 May 1654London, Middlesex, England F39918
22 Rich / Jenks,  Abt 1538London, Middlesex, England F56300
23 Rich / Mayne  Abt 1464London, Middlesex, England F6071
24 Robinson / Wither  1546London, Middlesex, England F61649
25 Spencer / Catlin  11 Oct 1566London, Middlesex, England F53115
26 Tilghman / Foxley  Abt 5 Nov 1648London, Middlesex, England F53990
27 Tilghman / Packham  15 Nov 1625London, Middlesex, England F53988
28 van der Post / Bogart  13 Oct 1539London, Middlesex, England F28674
29 Withers / Standish  1523London, Middlesex, England F61652
30 Zouche / Seymour  17 Mar 1423London, Middlesex, England F6393

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